For Sale

Brown Farms Private Treaty Phone Bid Off in Ochlocknee, Ga.
Bids due @ 2 p.m. Sunday, March 22, 2020!

Call or text JT Sumner 229-848-6252 or Chelsea Sumner 229-529-7100

Lot 1

In God We Trust x Who Made Who Steer

Lot 2

Here I Am x Amen / Friction Heifer

Lot 3

1OAK x Heat Wave Steer

Lot 4

Monopoly x Chillfactor Heifer

Lot 5

Black Panther x Smilin Bob Steer

Lot 6

Big Guns x Monopoly/Kadabra Heifer

Lot 7

In God We Trust x Friskey Whiskey Steer

Lot 8

Big Guns x Anchor Heifer

Lot 9

1 OAK x MAB Steer

Lot 10

Here I Am X Meyer Heifer

Lot 11

Broker Son x 20/20 Steer

Lot 12

Black Panther x PB Heifer

Lot 13

1 OAK x BIM/Meyer (Annie) Steer

Lot 14

One in the Chamber x PB Angus Heifer

Lot 15

Black Panther x Jimmy the Greek Steer

Lot 16

Monopoly/ 602 x Heat Wave/ Meyer Heifer

Lot 17

Dakota Gold x Meyer Steer

Lot 18

Here I Am x Meyer Heifer

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