For Sale

Brown Farms Private Treaty Phone Bid Off in Ochlocknee, Ga.
Bids due @ 2 p.m. Sunday, March 22, 2020!

Call or text JT Sumner 229-848-6252 or Chelsea Sumner 229-529-7100

Lot 1

In God We Trust x Who Made Who Steer

Lot 2

Here I Am x Amen / Friction Heifer

Lot 3

1OAK x Heat Wave Steer

Lot 4

Monopoly x Chillfactor Heifer

Lot 5

Black Panther x Smilin Bob Steer

Lot 6

Big Guns x Monopoly/Kadabra Heifer

Lot 7

In God We Trust x Friskey Whiskey Steer

Lot 8

Big Guns x Anchor Heifer

Lot 9

1 OAK x MAB Steer

Lot 10

Here I Am X Meyer Heifer

Lot 11

Broker Son x 20/20 Steer

Lot 12

Black Panther x PB Heifer

Lot 13

1 OAK x BIM/Meyer (Annie) Steer

Lot 14

One in the Chamber x PB Angus Heifer

Lot 15

Black Panther x Jimmy the Greek Steer

Lot 16

Monopoly/ 602 x Heat Wave/ Meyer Heifer

Lot 17

Dakota Gold x Meyer Steer

Lot 18

Here I Am x Meyer Heifer

2 thoughts on “For Sale

    • Yes. We have a couple spring born heifers for sale right now. Our summer and fall born steers and heifers will be for sale in February and March. You can call or text me at 229-529-7100 for more information. Thank you for your interest!


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