2019-2020 Winners

Previous Winners

83684985_10157919900589976_682327779139649536_n Shown by Emma Moxley

Peyton Shown by Peyton Gwines

84333698_10157919903399976_4166448843572903936_n Shown by Chandler Thompson

83600918_10157919902464976_6216607501853392896_nShown by Gage Nichols

84491009_10157919902874976_5393954645708111872_nShown by Rayne Gipson

83806732_10157919904024976_1235982422605037568_nShown by Jaleigh Hurst

83656851_10157919900624976_7799395945061285888_nShown by Faith Preston

83690969_10157919901049976_4867048882468552704_n Shown by James Keen

83729161_10157919901184976_7521352136119025664_nShown by Lane Whitehurst

ally-dukeShown by Ally Moore

83758243_10157919901824976_1407583296841318400_nShown by Jaleigh Hurst

83930272_10157919901789976_626062371827220480_nShown by Rance Moxley

83643514_10157919902339976_7682348259360112640_nShown by the Robinson Family

Elizabeth ShurleyShown by Elizabeh Shirley


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